This book will go to the Ball – John McNaught

L1018618In a previous post, I called Skye’s 2017 men’s team “Invincibles”, a wee nod to the other unbeaten side in Scottish sport – Celtic. Shinty can only dream of the sort of media coverage that Celtic gather, just like most of the ‘diddie’ teams in the SPFL.

This week I listened to an episode of Sportsound on a drive home from the Highland Print Studio. The lion’s share of the programme was given over to covering Celtic’s AGM. Like almost every evening episode of Sportsound, they can’t wait to say: “Let’s talk about Celtic” or “the Rangers”. I like to while away the hours guessing when they will talk about Ross County. Hearing them talk about our indigenous sport Shinty would be unimaginable.

L1018622.jpgThe episode that accompanied my journey across the Black Isle turned in to a love-in for Brendan Rodgers. The CEO said he wouldn’t swap him for any other coach in the world, phrases like “continuing perfection” and “great guy” kept on coming. I have no reason to think otherwise, and his team can be lovely to watch, but by now I had started to try to predict when the Catholic Church would recognise him as a Saint.

So, does an unbeaten season bring similar status to anyone at Skye Camanachd? Would it be worth having a word with someone of a religious persuasion?

This weekend would be an ideal time for an announcement, it could add further spice to The Shinty Ball – Celebrating 125 years of shinty on Skye, which takes place on Saturday night. As well as dinner and dancing, there is an raffle and auction, with one of the items being a small book I have made up containing a selection of photographs taken during the unbeaten 2017 season. These are all taken on film and then developed and scanned, before being printed on archival cotton paper at Highland Print Studio. Hopefully it will raise a wee bit of money for the club.



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