I Need Help – John McNaught

On recent visits to the club, I have been using instant film to take portrait photos of the invaluable volunteers without whom Skye Camanachd could not function or exist. Whether in an official capacity or not, these are the unsung heroes of the club and shinty.

These photos are smaller than traditional Polaroid, being the Fuji Instax Mini format – they have a lovely look in monochrome form. To complement the photos, I am hoping to produce linocut prints similar in dimensions to the instant prints. To reflect the nature of instant photography, the images will be drawn directly on to the block, cut and printed – there will be no preliminary sketches, they will not exist in any other form.

For speed and immediacy, the printing will be by baren – a Japanese hand burnisher, so no heavy press. These linocuts will be portraits of people who are no longer with us, but during their lives gave time to the club. They could be from any period of the 125-year history.


To help with this, I need people to nominate or suggest individuals from the past. They could be family members, friends or someone known to have played a role in keeping the club going. It would be great to get as many as possible before the exhibition in September. Ideally, a photo of the person and a few words would be helpful. I can be contacted directly on these two e-mail addresses:



Also by telephone: 01463 718999, or through my website: www.johnmcnaught.com

Thank You.

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